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Awards & Releases


1. 41st Korea Tourism Photo Contest 2013- Honorary Mention

2. Photo Contest for foreigners 2014 organized by Yongsan-gu, Seoul- 2nd Place 


PIK Magazine - "A Korean Love Affair", Written by Oisin Feeney. 


1. American Gayageum (Year Magazine KTO)

2. A Night In the Palace

3. of Korea, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), Facebook, Instagram)

6. PIK Magazine- Alone Boy(July 2014)

7.PIK Magazine-A View of Seoul(August 2014)

8.PIK Magazine- Painters(January 2015) 

9.PIK Magazine- "Sunrise over Gaepyong Maul"(Feb 2015)


"American Gayageum", KTO Head Office Seoul (November 2013)

"Rainbow Bridge" (2nd prize) & "Railway" 2 Photographs , Yongsan-Gu Office, Seoul (November 2014)

"Afterglow" & "Sunset over seongsu bridge" 2 photographs, Jeonbuk Art Gallery, Jeonju (November 2014)

"Big Buddha of Gangnam" Photo&Imagining2015 (P&I-2015), Coex Exhibition Hall, Seoul (April 2015)

"Marvel Of Han River" Yongsan-Gu Office, Seoul (May 2015)

"Some Sevit" IMEX Exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany (19-21 May 2015)

Award Winning Photo's

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